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Welcome to NateLord.com

This site is dedicated to the creative world of writer /directer/ story developer Nate Lord.  

Always Creative

Here you will find a selective digital facsimile of what the artist has done, including updates on few of his current projects, and insight into the world that inspires the creative spark.  On top of his ongoing work as a story consultant, he has founded Innate Pictures and continues to work on various projects at his Lordopolis Studios  Your welcome to explore his works and films as well as preview of current productions he is working on.

Thanks for visiting my world! I'm always busy in my studio, developing and producing on a variety of creative projects, so please come back soon for more interesting news!
I‘m Nate
I always look forward to connecting to different artisans to collaborate on new projects. I also work closely with producers as a story consultant, and my services can be made available permitting my schedule.

Feel free to contact me if you are in need of a fresh look at your project or need a script overhaul to help sell a project. I've served as a coach, teacher, mentor, and creative guide for many artists and can now help you!

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Nate Lord

Writer, Director, story /script consultant and artist. From the Lordopolis Studios in Los Angeles, Nate creates inviting worlds for his audience to get lost into. Welcome to a small digital sliver of his world and go on a creative journey that inspires the very best out of human nature.

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