IDs Triptic (2011)

"ID's: Shades of Love"
Acrylic on Linen

IDs: Shades of Love Triptic

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IDs 01 "Violet"
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IDs 02 "Blue"
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IDs 03 "Pink"
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Ids are "us" on the inside looking out.   They exist in a world where truth is worn on the surface and social stipulation has no baring on action.  They exist to show us who we really are.

This series reflects the first of three stages for Ids.  It Introduces the conflict and want. 

This love triangle /triptic is painted with thin layers of acrylic on linen.   Although the artist depicts a barren surealistic world,  each of his characters come to life with vibrant energy.  Embedded in each is a custom QR code that reveals an unspoken truth between the viewer and their Id.  These codes were meticulously painted after being created and rendered with the artists own smartphone and can be translated by the viewers with a mobile barcode scanner app.   In a world where we communicate the mundane with sms,  email, and facebook messaging,  the truth can finally be found in the palm of your hand.


"IDs:Shades of Love:" Triptic (Acrylic on Linen)
3 x (36x36in) (110x110cm)


Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Size: 36x36in (91.44x91.44cm)
Notes: As fickle as love can be, Violet doesn't really know what she wants.
QR Code Scan: He loves me, I love him not.
Fickle is the truth I bare,
Choice is only mine I swear.
I love him, he loves me not.
Completed: 2011
Status: Private Collection


Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Size: 36x36in (91.44x91.44cm)
Notes: To have loved once is said to be better than to never have loved at all.   But is Blue actually trapped now waiting forever for love to return?
QR Code Scan: Intention is proud
Redemption a shroud
As Blue waits forever, 
His true shinning cloud
Completed: 2011
Status: Private Collection


Medium: Acrylic on Linen
Size: 36x36in (91.44x91.44cm)

Love is blind.   For Pink love has gone astray and yet she stays true to her heart.

cleanse the mind
as love is blind
Completed: 2011
Status: Private Collection


Art Gallery and Group Shows:


Venice Bienalle
Future Pass Group Show
Venice, Italy

2011 Wereldmeseum
Future Pass Group Show
Rotterdam, Netherlands
2012 Today Art Museum
Future Pass Group Show
Taipei, Taiwan

Shanghai Modern Art Museum
Shanghai, China

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