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Nate Lord
Writer, Director, Producer, Artist

With a broad base of experience in producing and delivering concepts and product for a wide range of projects involving story, film, and an innate sense of 2D and 3D design, drawing and painting in both digital and analog formats. Particularly adept at functioning in multi-discipline team environments where cost, schedule and quality are prime concerns.



Nate Lord (b. 1976) is an American writer, director, and producer of visual story telling with an emphasis on deep characters that explore and evoke a profound experience for his audience.  Born and raised in Southern California, Nate has spent his life traveling the world, giving his work, style, and aesthetic a unique depth and culture influenced by ancient philosophical archetypes mixed with iconic popular culture. 

Coming from a family of artists, with his grandparents both being part of the Disney animation legacy, Nate was inspired to pursue animation film making himself and in 2006 he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in animation from the California Institute of the Arts, where he wrote and directed several short films emphasizing his fun sense of storytelling, with dramatic and prophetic definitions of the human condition.  

Working with a variety of mediums from film and paint to writing and poetry, Nate takes themes of personal struggle and emotional strife and adapts them into familiar imagery to invite his audience to confront the demons of modern day life.  He has showcased his work around the world, with prominent displays in Venice Italy and premiers in Los Angeles. He continues to work from his "Lordopolis" studio in Burbank, Los Angeles, with several productions in various stages of development.


Being that kid in school who had cable, uncensored and raw, created a beautiful collage of images that run through his visual memory.  Loving film, and getting to talk and analyze film and animation with his grandfather, Nate learned at a young age that when used right it can communicate story unlike any medium.  It is true that with every project he undergoes there is a constant thread of imaginative story behind it and with his dedication to film he continues to invite his audience for an visceral experience.


  • 2015 HRIFF Official Selection, short film UnFolding Love
  • 2007 IFCT Film Festival participant, short animated film Frank's Seven Lost Loves
  • 2006 Hangzhou Animations Festival participant, short animated film Poe Bunny Fly
  • 2005 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival participant, short animated film Frank's Seven Lost Loves
  • 2006 MOCA, Shanghai, China, Frank's Seven Lost Loves installation
  • 2005 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival participant, short animated film Frank's Seven Lost Loves
  • 2004 MOCA, Taipei, Taiwan, Dinnertime installation
  • 2004 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival participant, short animated film Dinnertime
  • 2003 REDCAT Round the Clock participant, short animated film Billy
  • 2003 CALARTS Producer Show participant, short animated film Billy


It all starts with a pencil, and whether those creative strokes become words or pictures, Nate enjoys the discipline of working late nights on bringing them to life with paint. Classically trained by master artists, he has allowed his art to formulate into vivid depictions of altered realities inspired by the popular culture all around him.  With a dark edge, nate's works tell the same stories he brings to film, with mythological pretense, the struggle to find the truth and the pure beauty of life itself.  Somewhere between his hands, this mediums, and his sub straight, we are given a glimpse of inspiration wrapped warmly around his muse and passionately laid out on a smooth surface.  What truly creates an auture may still seem elusive, but for a moment you may enjoy the conversation behind the digital curtain.


  • 2014
  • 2011 Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy, fine art exhibitor and international committee member
  • 2009 Today Art Museum Beijing Animamix Biennial, fine art exhibitor
  • 2006 MOCA, Shanghai, China, Frank's Seven Lost Loves installation
  • 2004 MOCA, Taipei, Taiwan, Dinnertime installation

Thanks for visiting my world! I'm always busy in my studio, developing and producing on a variety of creative projects, so please come back soon for more interesting news!
I‘m Nate
I always look forward to connecting to different artisans to collaborate on new projects. I also work closely with producers as a story consultant, and my services can be made available permitting my schedule.

Feel free to contact me if you are in need of a fresh look at your project or need a script overhaul to help sell a project. I've served as a coach, teacher, mentor, and creative guide for many artists and can now help you!

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Nate Lord

Writer, Director, story /script consultant and artist. From the Lordopolis Studios in Los Angeles, Nate creates inviting worlds for his audience to get lost into. Welcome to a small digital sliver of his world and go on a creative journey that inspires the very best out of human nature.